Sale in Paris

In Paris, traditionally there are two season sales: summer and winter. And this time is a real feast for those who love shopping, appreciate quality and style and is ready to spend days wandering through the galleries of department stores and boutiques, enjoying their purchases. Each year, the exact date of the beginning of the seasons is changed. But as a rule, the summer sale begins in the first decade of July (in the last two years –it starts on the first days of July), and winter sale, that starts either immediately after the Christmas holidays or in the second week of January. Generally, in Paris since 2010, the owners of large networks and simply stores have been allowed to establish flexible start dates for winter sales, and today they decide when to close one and open the next season. In the famous Galeries Lafayette – which is the favorite store of Edith Piaf, Claudia Schiffer and Catherine Deneuve – sale can go far beyond the traditional second week of January, and possible discounts can be up to 70%. During these days it can be 50% – 90% price discount in the traditional brand boutiques: Zara, Mango, Benetton, French Connection, H & M, Morgan, C & A, Orsay, Marks & Spenser, and many others.
In many Parisian shops operates the “Tax Free” international system. Making purchases at stores that operate under this system, you can count on a return of an amount equal to 11-16% of the cost of purchased goods at the border of France. But it’ll be if the total amount of goods purchased in the same store and on the same day and purchase is not less than 175 euros. As a rule the stores that operate with the discount of export must be marked with “Tax Free Shopping” label, but often this sign is absent. Then you can ask the seller about that: Tax Free is understandable in any language. But, of course, such giants as the biggest Parisian department store Prentamp or Galery Lafayette have special racks where the”Tax Free” checks are issued.
The very process of shopping looks like this: in the store where you make the purchase, you show your passport, and the seller writes a special “Global Refund Cheque” for you, which is stamped at the customs at the airport. Giving this check and purchases at the counter “Cash Refund”, you will collect your cash. Usually, even if there is a small queue, the whole procedure takes less than 20 minutes.
In practice, sellers often include in the check only the name and the quantity of these goods, the amount of the purchases and the sum, that relates to be returned, information about the shop, and seller’s signature, and you aren’t asked to show your passport. In such cases you need to enter your passport details by yourself. And keep in mind that tax for books, food, wine and tobacco products is not refundable.

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