Place des Vosges

Paris has many open-air parks that every traveller must see when they come to visit this beautiful city full of charm and romance. One of these famous attractions in Paris is the Place des Vosges. You will find this Paris landmark in the Marais district which was once the aristocratic neighbourhood of the city as reflected in the 17th-century town houses that surround this Paris attraction. It is also near another famous Paris landmark known as the Victor Hugo house.

Henri IV, who, between the years of 1589 and 1610 was King of France, had the park built starting in 1605. The fact that the park is square with dimensions measuring at 140 meters by 140 meters reflects the city’s focus on European-style planning during that time frame.

The park is filled with statues, fountains, and carefully manicured gardens. A few of the 17th-century aristocratic homes have been converted into hotels. There are many shops and restaurants that surround the park and you can spend the day sampling their delights or buying their wares and take a relaxing break in the Place des Vosges.

One museum around the Place des Vosges is the Maison de Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo is a very famous icon in the history of French arts. He lived between 1802 and 1885 and is remembered for his poetry, novels, playwrights, and essays. In addition to his literary works, he was also a statesman and a champion of human rights.

The house where Victor Hugo lived for 16 years was converted to a museum. Actually, his “house” was the Hôtel Rohan-Guéménée at the time. He and his wife Adèle moved into the house in 1832 and Victor lived the last years of his life in it. The bedroom where he died is preserved to show the setting in his final hours of life.

The museum has tours of the Maison de Victor Hugo taking you from the 2nd floor where he lived. It is set up to display his life before, during, and after his exile. Being a political activist and at odds with the government of Napoleon III, Victor lived in exile after the would-be emperor staged a Coup d’état in 1851, Artifacts on display include his paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, and other correspondence.

As mentioned before, the Place des Vosges is located in the Marais District which used to be the place where aristocrats lived. Today, the Marais is home to numerous art galleries, fashion houses, and Paris restaurants themed with the latest trends. One of these is the Café Charlot. There are also a few nightlife venues in the Marais. In addition to the Victor Hugo house, the community is also includes the Musée Picasso, Musée Cognacq-Jay, and the house of Nicolas Flamel.

Getting There

Any taxi driver will know how to get to the Place des Vosges. If you prefer to take city bus you can get on numbers 20, 29, 69, 76, or 96. If going by the Paris Metro, you can get off at the Saint-Paul, Chemin-Vert, or Bastille Stations and the park is just a short walk away.

Place des Vosges Hotels

Hotel Turenne Le Marais

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Hotel de Neuve Paris 

This hotel is ideal for those who want to reside in the historical part of the Marais. The hotel is situated extremely close to Place des Vosges, with Place de la Bastille also very close. The hotel provides excellent amenities and services, and customer reviews consistently show that this hotel is great value for money, an ideal location and perfect service. A great, centrally located hotel.

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Tours, Guides and Passes

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