Welcome to the Places in Paris Frequently Asked Questions Page. Here you will find a list of common questions we are asked and the answers to these questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, then please contact us and we will aim to respond to your query as soon as possible.

There are some places in Paris that are not listed on the site that I feel should be. How can I get these places listed on Places in Paris.com?

If there are attractions, hotels, restaurants, night life or festivals that you feel should be listed on the site but aren’t, you can either add these listings yourself using our Add Listing feature on the main menu or send us a message and we will try our best to list your place in Paris within 24 hours.

I have read about a hotel that I wish to make a booking with on your site. How can I make this booking?

If you have found a hotel that you wish to book on Places in Paris, you can use the hotel search box located at the bottom of the review to make a booking directly. Simply enter your check-in and check-out dates, number of guests and number of rooms from the search box to search for vacancies.

I have just read a review of a hotel/restaurant/attraction that I have visited in Paris and I do not agree with what it says. What can I do?

Places in Paris is all about sharing your experiences with the travel community and we encourage sharing good/bad experiences with other travellers. To do this, simply write a review on the place in Paris you have visited and it will be shared with the community at PlacesinParis.com.

I have created an account with Places in Paris but cannot log in.

If you have an account with us but cannot log in for any reason, please send us a message and we will aim to get your account fixed within 24 hours.

I recently wrote a review but it is not showing up. Why is this?

All reviews are subject to moderation. Reviews are posted once they have been passed the screening process from our moderators.

Why might my review be rejected?

Reviews should be a constructive view or opinion of an attraction in Paris based on a personal experience. Reviews should not include foul language, which includes personal insults either against other reviews/reviewers or the attraction being review. For example “Hotel X is a disgrace to Paris, the owners are X and Y” – this would be considered personal insults against the hotel owners and hotel itself and would not be allowed. Reviews are there to provide other travellers a guide to the attraction from the people that have experienced it, not a platform for abuse.

I am a business owner that wishes to list my business on Places in Paris. How would I do this?

Our Add Listing feature makes adding to Places in Paris a breeze. Simply enter the details of your attraction, including contact details, which category you would like it to be listed under, images and the latitude and longitude of its location. Once approved from our moderators, your listing will be displayed on Places in Paris, including a marker on the map on our home page.

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