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Features of bus tours.

This kind of tours are very popular with visitors of Paris. Variety of routes, professional guides, interesting historical facts and legends, great sightseeing, modern, comfortable buses  are all pluses of the bus tours.

The disadvantages include the fact, that every year in the French capital, just as in any other big city, the number of cars grows , and as a consequence, the hours of traffic jams increase, congestions appear in places where they had never been, there is a problem with parking places. You know, it’s one thing to hear the fascinating story of the guide, constantly watching the spectacular change of scenery outside the bus – it’s really cool. It’s quite another thing to stand in one place for an hour and a half or two, sitting in a bus, surrounded by a dense ring of cars and exhausting fumes. In this case, the pleasure becomes highly questionable. As a result of these delays, the tours program is affected, and now instead of 20 minutes you are offered 10, 5 to get off the bus and make pictures, and sometimes they even have to drive past, to somehow keep the time frame of the excursions.

But if you’re lucky and you dont get in a car bog, then surely, going to the bus tour, you will learn and see a lot of amazing and beautiful. This is a good option for traveling to review the center of Paris (again, if you can avoid traffic jams), but especially bus tours are indispensable when visiting the suburbs of Paris, such as Versailles or Fontainebleau, the castles of the Loire. When you go to Versailles on the bus you get into the palace much faster than those who stand in the regular queue.

Typically, such excursions are offered by agencies in which you purchase tickets to France, or they are included in the excursion packages. Also, you can make a program of your stay in Paris, choosing the most interesting excursions on your own.

Benefits of walking tours.

Walking tours in the historic center of Paris are traditionally popular with visitors. These mobile exciting excursions can explore and consider in detail quite a lot of sights and monuments. And you certainly do not have to waste time in traffic jams. Varied program of excursions, and professional, friendly guides will answer your additional questions. During the tour, you can make memorable pictures and plunge into a true romantic atmosphere of the city without any rush.

In Paris there are many ensembles, ” communities ” of streets, squares, blocks, united with one style, era, idea, story or an author, and just moving around on foot can fully penetrate the meaning and purpose of these architectural monuments, reveal their secrets and get into the spirit of the place. Many travel agencies offer a variety of themed tours of Paris with a different value and the number of people in the group.

A few words about the night walk. Night walk through the historic center of Paris is safe. The city center is patrolled by police squads and there are many cameras. Also, the center is a place where wealthy bourgeois live, and all ethnic diasporas and disadvantaged sections of the population, who arrange unrest, of which we hear on TV, live outside the old city, and rarely any of them can be seen in the center. Therefore, as a rule, nothing criminal happens here. Mostly young people couples and tourists from around the world are walking at night, photographing the night Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. In the late evening the Champs Elysees is especially crowded .

Traditional boat trips

Boat trips and walks along the Seine extremely popular with visitors to Paris. City astounds with his inspired beauty by day, but you will be really fascinated and amazed by its nocturnal. This is a grand symphony of fantastic architecture and light. Many buildings are not just highlighted, on the creation of their overnight appearance worked the most famous masters of the world, artists from France and other countries. And while all of the most important buildings located on the Seine quays, look remarkably effective in the dark, though the most spectacular are the views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris and the Palace of Justice , castle towers of which are always eye-catching.

In Paris, there are several large companies engaged in water excursions, and passenger service along the Seine. All landing ships are concentrated in a few major areas. At the Eiffel Tower is the largest marina – «Bateaux Parisiens», there is also a pier on the Ile de la Cité in the Notre Dame Cathedral, near the bridge of  St. Louis, on the island of  St. Louis, at the Botanical Garden. You can catch a boat of «Botabus» company, to make a river cruise on the Seine, on the pier at the bridge of Austerlitz (Pond d’Austerlitz), or on the dock of Notre Dame de Paris – the harbor Montebello. Near metro Bastille you can catch a boat of «Ca-nauxrama» company  and take a trip on the Canal Saint-Martin with the arrival back to the metro Bastille.

I will say that of course, to see the expositions of most famous art museums in Paris, visit its palaces, parks, villas, excursions, walks along the Seine, gardens, parks and suburbs will give you an incredibly rich experience. But do not try to grasp the immensity, it is impossible to visit all the museums and see all the sights, to remember all the information in a short one or two weeks, you decide to spend in Paris. Be wise and sensitive – make a reasonable, interesting program for you that allows to relax, touch the beautiful and positive emotions.

Good luck and have bright impressions…

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