Cabaret Lido de Paris

The biggest and the most elegant Parisian cabaret, famous throughout the world for its gorgeous shows. The Name “Lido” was given in honor of the eponymous Venetian  beach in 1928.  The designers decorated the interior with the views  of that beautiful place, to create an atmosphere of rest and eternal holiday. It was very original institution, combining casino, a small swimming pool and spas. In 1946 the Clerico brothers bought it and opened Lido (Cabaret Lido de Paris). It still does not look like anything in the world.

Since the foundation the cabaret’s owners set for themselves only one goal – to surprise! They wanted to create a place in which would be combined the traditions of the old Parisian cabaret with modern technical advancements and scenic scale of Broadway shows. They came up with a revolutionary formula for visitors, known as the “a good dinner plus gorgeous view”. It met with such success that all the other institutions of Paris, and then the whole world copied it.

Since its inception “Lido” was not only a unique cabaret, but a platform for the fashion shows, a stage for charity concerts and famous artists such as Frank Sinatra and Sir Elton John. In 1998, the football team of France chose “Lido”, to celebrate their victory in the World Cup! Jacques Chirac,  George W. Bush and Tony Blair had dined here!

The territory of the Parisian “Lido” is huge – about 7500 square meters. Cabaret occupies six floors! The entire space of the building is left to chance so that the dancers can change costumes in a few moments.

It has 1,150 seats but the room is designed so that the scene is perfectly visible from each seat.

The scale and grandeur of this cabaret emphasizes his backstage. The corridors of  “Lido” are like a small city with the hairdresser, hospitals and gyms. This space is called the “aircraft carrier.” No one knows who came up with the name and why. As the artists say perhaps the whole thing is in the giant rooms, which house the equipment of the show. They are somewhat similar to aircraft containers.

Chef Philippe Lacroix, who commands the cooking in the kitchen in Lido, is as famous in his art as the designers and producers of the show in theirs. He combines traditions of French cuisine with the novelties so successfully that his style is unanimously recognized as unique.

Dinner starts at 19.00 served with a glass of champagne,  it is the traditional gift for any traveler. The orchestra of Lido is also known all over Paris for its arrangements.

The show starts only at 21.30, when hunger is appeased, and the guests can fully enjoy the art of dancers, singers and circus performers.

Each show on the Champs Elysees accumulates the most advanced innovations in the entertainment industry. The impressive stage-transformer, pool with a capacity of 80 tons of water, numerous fountains, which use about 60 thousand liters of water during the show! Here you can see the Egyptian pyramids, growing from the floor, the ice arena, the flame spewing dragon, a fabulous oriental city on the scene.

Once you are in the “Lido” you are guaranteed to forget about the existence of the world! At least, for those six hours that the show lasts. It should be noted that today each show costs 9 million EUR! The most famous directors and designers are invited to make the show.  Viewers are always amazed with the extraordinary special effects. Waterfalls and fireworks, laser picture and sound make the fantastic show completely unforgettable.

The main theme of all submissions to the Lido has always been and always will be a woman in full force and formidable beauty sensual eroticism. Everything that happens on the stage is intended to show the beauty and sexuality of the female body, expressing the beautiful world of her soul. The legendary costumes of Lido dancers, decorated with the incredible number of ostrich feathers, make a women look like a beautiful flower coveted and inaccessible, enticing and elusive. It’s worth seeing at least once in lifetime.

Lido show in Paris is, without a doubt, a great work of theater, which gives people many caches of their own souls. No one has ever left this room indifferent or disappointed. The atmosphere is truly French elegance and charm, combined with excellent professional dancers, actors, musicians, designers, directors of this great action.

In short, the “Lido” – is the prestige! This is a charm! This is the show! The show, which has been going on for decades! Every year almost 600 000 people visit Lido and the number of those who want to see it with their own eyes is just growing !

Lido’s high bar sets the tone for the rest of the cabaret in Paris, but no one has ever been able to overcome it.

Cabaret is located at – 116 bis, avenue des Champs Elysees.

Official site of the cabaret with detailed information about the plays, their schedule, the restaurant and ticket prices –

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