Buddha Bar Paris

Buddha Bar is an ultra hip, cool, friendly little bar located in central Paris. This trendy venue combines superb food and drink with modern decor and a great atmosphere to provide one the hippest night establishments in Paris. The Buddha Bar in Paris is infamous for its famous decor, incorporating the giant Buddha as the center piece, which looks over guests as they enjoy their evening of great music, company and food in one of the hottest bars in Paris.

As you enter the Buddha Bar in Paris you are struck instantly by the pleasant decor and lighting that perfectly enhance the mood inside the bar. When you enter, you are met with friendly faces and a warm, sociable, inviting atmosphere that is typically European in its appearance. The ambiance inside the Buddha Bar in Paris is second-to-none, and everyone inside is dressed to impress in a venue that is hot among Parisians and tourists alike.

As you are seated inside the Buddha Bar, the pleasant sound of laughter, music and chatter fills the air as people go about enjoying their night out in one of Paris’ hottest bars. As mentioned, the decor is staggering. Amber coloured lights gently light up the room and the interesting mix of Japanese arts are visible all across the walls. There is also a Chinese feel to the decor, with rich wooden mahoganies surrounding the bar. Portugese mosaics add to the arty type feel, providing a wealth of things to see in the bar.

As the night goes on the music gently plays away in the background, with a noise that is perfectly tuned to the feel of the bar. The music is neither too loud nor too quiet, it is just right so that customers can enjoy friendly conversation while still having the pleasure of hearing good music in the background. People at the Buddha Bar in Paris are usually sipping on cocktails and beers, which can be a little more pricey than in other bars, but are certainly worth paying that little bit extra for. At the Buddha Bar in Paris you are paying for the exclusivity of the establishment, as well as the great service, ambiance and atmosphere that is put on here. The foods range from nibbles to meals and there is no shortage of delicious dishes for guest to try out.

The dress code at the Buddha Bar in Paris is smart. This Paris venue is exclusive, classy and enjoyable and guests are asked to dress this way. Normally customers come to the Buddha Bar in Paris to enjoy a great meal, have a few cocktails and beers then dance the night away to some great music with friends. The staff here are pleasant, polite and helpful and can usually cater to most needs.

The Buddha Bar in Paris is highly recommended if you are looking for a cool, modern, hip place to enjoy some food and drinks with friends. The decor, ambiance, service and range of drinks available is top class. Although you may be paying a bit more here, it is certainly worth the price to spend the night in such a well-designed establishment.

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