Stay in Paris, and save money

Paris is an expensive city, and certainly if you want to stay in the center, don’t count on low prices. Yet even here there are 2 star hotels and hostels, which will be quite comfortable with people who are not looking for classical interiors, they return to the hotel tired after a day of traveling around the city, wanting, above all, only to rest and gather strength for new exciting discoveries .

Blanche 2 star hotel located at the foot of Montmartre, a stone’s throw from the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret. The hotel has 53 rooms. Continental breakfast. Shower and TV.
Address: 69, rue Blanche. Nearest Metro Clichy (line 2).

Kronstad a small but cozy 2 star hotel with 44 rooms. Continental breakfast. Shower and TV in rooms.
Address: 10, rue Lamartine. Nearest Metro stations are Cadet and de Lorette.

Jerandi Hotel – a modest, quiet, comfortable hotel, just 45 rooms. Continental breakfast, shower and TV. Great location at the foot of Montmartre, a five-minute walk from the Moulin Rouge.

The hotel is located at 11 rue  Gerando. The closest metro station Anvers (line 2).

Hotel Rex Comprador 2 star hotel, simple, cozy, clean, only 30 rooms. Continental breakfast. In the room with shower, hairdryer and TV. Near it is the Grands Boulevards and many shops.
Address: 2-4 Bis Cite Rougemont. Nearest Metro – Grand Boulvards (line 9)

Victoria Hotel – a traditional Parisian hotel, 107 rooms. The room shower, satellite TV, telephone. Continental breakfast. The hotel is close to the Grands Boulevards.
Address: 2, bis Cite Berge. Nearest Metro – Chausee de Antin La Fayette.

Vintimill Hotel – a nice friendly hotel, 40 rooms. Rooms with Standard set, clean and neat. Continental breakfast.
Address: 5 rue Vintimille. Nearest Metro: Plase de Clichy (line 2).

Jeff Hotel  conveniently located in close proximity to Monzhartra and the Grands Boulevards. Small but clean rooms, a total of 27. Continental breakfast, shower and TV. Pleasant staff.

Address: 53 rue Richer. Nearest Metro: Cadet, Grands Boulevards and the Rue Monmartre.

Like everywhere else, in France, among the pupils and students hostels are very popular. Of course, not only students can stop here, but young people have advantages, especially the owners of an international student card ISIC. Prices here in half two times lower than in the cheapest hotels. Rooms for 2-4 people, shower on the floor, although in some hostels there are single rooms with showers.

You may find yourself a suitable hostel on the site .
Any kind of accommodation during your stay in Paris, of course, you should book in advance, regardless of class. To book, you would need to collect some information about the hotel via the Internet, make a comparative study of prices and, finally, have a bank card to make a deposit for the booking. Sometimes when booking, money transfer is used.

Note that even if you book through the Internet rather than over the phone, is always better to call the hotel before the trip and make sure that everything is fine.

Keep in mind that the maximum occupancy of hotels and hostels is in May and June. Also, you may have problems with taking numbers during the Christmas and New Year holidays and during major international summits and exhibitions. So if you plan to visit Paris during these periods, book rooms in advance, no less than a couple of months.

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