10 Things to do in Paris


Leave the hotel early, and stroll through the washing city to the Vosges square. Order a cup of coffee cream and croissants at a cafe. Do the same thing every morning in different beautiful places, because the smell of coffee and fresh croissants on the terrace of a cafe is the first sign that you are in France.


Tell yourself that it is not necessary to waste your time on the Louvre, spending the whole day there, looking at the pictures, other visitors, and the city outside the windows.


Cross the right bank, not along the streets, but across them: through the passages, to the gates of the Pala is-Royal. Get into the gardens of the Pala is-Royal but not through the main entrance as a tourist, but as a close friend of the Dukes of Orleans.


Order a meal at a restaurant from the great assortment of marine reptiles, get frightened of certain creatures, but taste them all bravely. Also try the snails, mussels, hot foie grass, rack of lamb, fillet of duck, onion soup, fish soup, tarte tatin, blancmange and crème Brule, and try not to die from overeating on the first day of your trip.


Climb on the upper level of the Contemporary Art Centre Pompidou by the glassed-in tunnel escalator and look around Paris. Then comb the Pompidou building from top to bottom, hang around among the dancers and sword-swallowers, relax by the fountain Stravinsky and with a clear conscience take a sit in another work of modern art: Cafe Beau Bourg.


Have a drink at a terrace of the cafe La Flore on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. People who make up the “whole of Paris” will be passing you by. Change your place to their competitors: The Les Deux Maggots. All Paris will move in the opposite direction. Repeat twice.


Go to the flea market to check homeless things which are looking for new homes. Wonder how primitive our understanding about life is, and suddenly buy a couple of countries gizmos, the purpose of which is unknown even for the sellers.


Climb the Eiffel Tower. Take care in advance to book a table at the restaurant Le Jules Verne on the second level. The cuisine of Alain Ducasses’ restaurant in the heart of Paris is always on top. The best view of the city is applied.


On a bright, sunny morning come to the Sainte-Chapelle: to the most beautiful in the world medieval stained-glass windows, close your eyes, then open them and think that you are still asleep and dreaming.


On Sunday have a walk among the market rows on the Aligre square and hang up till the evening at the barrel-tavern Baron Bouge: the place of the freshest and cheapest oysters in the city.

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